5 times Korean remake of Japanese films and dramas get mixed reactions: Even BOF draws criticism, the last drama is a “disaster”

Not every Korean remake of Japanese productions satisfies the audience!

In recent years, Korean dramas have continued to release remake versions from other countries and typically Japan – where there are many creative and unique scripts. Korean remakes of hit productions from Japan have brought about various significant changes compared to the originals. However, these remakes also receive mixed reactions from the audience.

1. Boys Over Flowers

In 2009, Korea released their own version of Hana Yori Dango and came up with the title Boys Over Flowers. Boys Over Flowers features a star-studded cast including Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Goo Hye Sun. Invested with a huge budget from the sets, outfits to the soundtrack, Boys Over Flowers became a major hit across Asia. But for fans of the original Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers is deemed disappointing because of the changes to original plot and addition of many illogical details.

2. God of Study

Dragon Zakura, released in 2005, is a popular Japanese highschool drama. After getting a Korean remake, the series changed its name to God Of Study, starring Yoo Seung Ho, Jiyeon (T-ara), Kim Su Ro, Bae Doo Na, Go Ah Sung and Lee Hyun Woo. As soon as it aired, God Of Study not only attracted the attention of young viewers in Korea, but also got their parents to tune in. God Of Study is one of KBS2’s most successful works with ratings up to 26.8% and is a solid launch pad for the cast.

3. The Liar And His Lover

The Liar And His Lover is a drama adaptation of the famous musical drama Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru by Shogakukan.  Despite receiving a lot of negative feedback from Korean netizens about Joy’s poor acting, The Liar And His Lover still retains a certain coverage.  Although it has been edited by Korean filmmakers, the drama basically retains the content frame and this is a plus point to attract those who are fans of the original Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru.

4. That Winter, The Wind Blows

That Winter, The Wind Blows premiered in 2013 on SBS with the participation of two top stars, Jo In Sung as Oh Soo and Song Hye Kyo as the blind girl – Oh Young.  It is known that the drama is based on a Japanese TV series I Don’t Need Love, Summer that aired in 2002. Compared to the original Japanese version, the Korean version had many changes such as the setting in the film was winter instead of summer, the character costumes and music was carefully invested, and the sweet lines of the main couple all caused a craze at that time. 

5. Liar Game

Liar Game – one of the legendary Japanese survival series- was acquired by tvN and remade the Korean version.  With the reputation of the original and the participation of Shin Sung Rok, Kim So Eun and Lee Sang Yoon, the Korean version of Liar Game has attracted a large number of audience. The Korean version of Liar Game, on the other hand, has changed the original and made the drama with many Korean elements. This displeased fans of the original version, but received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the domestic audience.

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