The fanservice of new idols these days shocks the public

Is it “cute” of “too much”? Netizens are heatedly debating how new idols these days are doing fanservice.

In popular culture, fanservice is a way for celebrities, sports stars, etc. to express their gratitude to those who support them. One of the most common ones are to take photo together or get an autograph. However, many are pointing out that the fanservice which treated idols like a pet, has become popular among idol fans, and it may have been too much.


Recently, a post titled “Fanservice of new male and female Idols” is spreading on various online communities. The post showed rookie idol Kim Chae Hyun, a member of the idol girl group Kepler who debuted last year, putting her chin on the fan’s hand like a pet when that fan put out her palm. She then smiled brightly and made a V pose for the screen.

kep1er chaehyun

The members of boy group CRAVITY, which debuted in 2020, put their noses in the finger circle made by their fan. When the fan made a V with their thumb and index fingers, the members put their jaws on top. The idols even showed the fans their heads so she could pet them.


Such behavior is widely known as actions done by dog owners to train their pets or show their personal talents, suggesting that this level of fanservice is kinda excessive.


Netizens commented, “Do you treat people like pets?” “That nose one seems to be a little severe,” “It hurts my heart,” “I don’t understand why you want to stroke their head,” “I sigh as soon as I see this,” “It’s an extreme job,” “They have to do it somehow as it’s their job, but I wonder if it has to be this much.”


However, some responded that they could understand such fanservice, saying, “Fans deserve to receive that much,” “They are just trying to open up,” and “It’s cute thou.”

Source: Wikitree

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