5 Outstanding visuals combination in upcoming boy-love K-dramas

The genre of boy-love has been gaining attention in the K-drama world, and in 2023, there are various interesting series to watch out for. 

Cha Seo Won – Gongchan (Unintentional Love Story)

Unintentional Love Story

Based on a famous webtoon, “Unintentional Love Story” follows a troubled employee who tries to curry the favor of his company’s chairman by finding the chairman’s favorite artist. He ended up discovering said artist in a pottery shop, but the man doesn’t want to be found. A series of events later cause a romance to blossom between the two. 

Unintentional Love Story

Actor Cha Seo Won and B1A4 member Gong Chan will star as the leads of “Unintentional Love Story”, with the B1A4 member playing the humorous and swiftly employee and Cha Seo Won playing the reluctant artist.  

Suppasit Jongcheveevat – Geonu (Love Is Like A Cat)

Love Is Like A Cat

Starring famous Thai actor Suppasit Jongcheveevat, boy love drama “Love Is Like A Cat” has drawn huge attention. Here, the Thai star will play Piuno, a celebrity who dislikes dogs due to a childhood trauma. Meanwhile, his co-star, Geonu (JUST B), will transform into Dae Byeol, Piuno’s friend who runs a dog kindergarten in Korea. 

Just from this summary alone, “Love Is Like A Cat” is expected to be filled with hilarious scenes of two main characters who stood at two opposite sides, as well as an explosive visual combination. It is also known that Kim Kyoung Seok, who is famous for his unisex appearance, will also star in the show. 

Lee Kwang Hee – J-Min (Love Class 2)

Love Class 2

“Love Class 1” brought to the boy love drama scene a refreshing dose of youth, and garnered great successes. As a result, season 2 of the series is in production, this time focusing on the main couple as they enter college. 

“Love Class 2” stars actor Lee Kwang Hee and BAE173’s J-Min. Their face combination alone is enough to make fans of the BL genre excited.

Zuho – Kim In Seong (Starstruck)


In the original novel, “Starstruck” tells the love story of two childhood friends. They went through many ups and downs of their youth to stay together. 

In the drama adaptation, “Starstruck” stars SF9’s Zuho and actor Kim In Seong. Their handsome visuals and cold aura side by side already foreshadow great chemistry.

Jaehan – Yechan (A Shoulder To Cry On!)

A Shoulder To Cry On

Unlike other series, “ A Shoulder To Cry On!” not only depicts a love story but also dreams, aspirations, obstacles that young people need to overcome in their lives. The drama is led by OMEGA X’s Jaehan and Yechan. 

Jaehan looks cold while Yechan has sweet and cute vibes. It is the contrast in their appearance that makes fans enjoy this pairing and have high expectations for their chemistry. 

Source: dienanh. 

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