5 most ground-breaking couples in Asia 2022: Jennie – V (BTS) and Park Min Young were slammed with controversy, Baifern and Nine was the most shocking yet supported couple 

From Korea to Thailand, celebrity couples take turns shocking the industry and the public with their dating news. 

Baifern Pimchanok – Nine Naphat: The happiest couple 

Baifern Pimchanok and Nine Naphat first collaborated in the 2019 Thai movie “Friend Zone” and later in 

“A Tale of Ylang Ylang” in 2021. The on-screen couple quickly gained popularity among the audience who strongly supported them becoming an item. 

Baifern Pimchanok
Baifern and Nine collaborated two times before making their real-life relationship public 

After 2 occasions of working together, there were some serious changes in Baifern and Nine’s real-life relationship. The pair released many intimate moments behind-the-scenes and at public events. In a promotional event for “A Tale of Ylang Ylang” earlier this year, actor Nine’s mother actively ‘shipped’ him and actress Baifern. 

Baifern Pimchanok
Before going public, the pair had many times expressed their closeness and care to the opposite 
Baifern Pimchanok
Actor Nine Naphat’s mother actively ‘facilitated’ their relationship progress at an promotional event 

On November 29th, “Thairath” reported that Nine and Baifern had moved to “more than friends” and became a couple. Previously, Nine publicly confessed his feelings for Baifern and was waiting for her answer. 

At the “Motor Expo 2022,” Baifern happily shared her relationship with Nine: “I am grateful to him for always cherishing me like that. A new relationship started when he confessed his feelings for me.” 

The couple received so much support in Asia that every social media showed their happiness when Baifern accepted Nine’s love confession. 

Baifern Pimchanok
Baifern joyfully shared her thoughts on her boyfriend at the “Motor Expo 2022” 

Jennie (BLACKPINK) – V (BTS): Victims of privacy breach 

In May, a photo of two people allegedly V and Jennie driving on a date in Jeju Island surfaced on the Internet, raising controversy and suspicion of the two idols dating. 

There were mixed opinions on social media when the news broke out. While fans believed the photos were photoshopped and the original people in the picture were V and J-Hope, others believed that could not have been V and J-Hope because of a different hairstyle and glasses in “In The Soop.” 

bts v jennie
The alleged photo of V driving Jennie on a date 
jennie bts v
Mixed opinions emerged regarding the trustworthiness of the photo 

Afterwards, several social media accounts posted more of the so-called “evidence of dating” between V and Jennie, one of which was @Gurumiharibo. The person was active on Twitter and Telegram during this time and constantly released “dating images” of the alleged couple at different locations. 

V Jennie dating
@Gurumiharibo released pictures of V doing his hair with a glimpse of a girl who was allegedly Jennie taking picture of him 
bts v jennie thumbnail
This account also leaked photos of V and Jennie at a place claimed to be V’s private dwelling. Netizens found similarity between the place in the posted “evidence” and V’s posted photos of his condo 
BTS V jennie thumbnail
Fans and the public were shocked to see a person allegedly V lying on Jennie’s alleged bed based on two similar pillows in the pictures posted by @Gurumiharibo and by Jennie 
Jennie V
Photos of them “dating” in Jeju Island, according to the poster 

While fans tried their best to debunk the photos as photoshopped and edited, V’s and Jennie’s respective agencies have not spoken up to refute or confirm the ongoing allegation. 

bts v jennie thumbnail
YG and HYBE remain quiet in the face of these rumors

Moreover, leaked photos of other BLACKPINK members appeared suspiciously on the Internet. A growing number of people believed Jennie was being breached of privacy. The situation shifted to the issue of serious privacy invasion that angered the public. 

 Unpublished photos of BLACKPINK suddenly surfaced the Internet 

Park Min Young – CEO Kang Jong Hyun: A series of “gifting” and “gold-digging” scandals 

In September, Dispatch exposed the relationship between crypto CEO Kang Jong Hyun and Park Min Young. One day after that, the actress announced her breakup with the CEO

Park Min-young
Dispatch released dating photos of Park Min Young and CEO Kang Jong Hyun 

Kang Jong Hyun was regarded to be a notorious figure that had a history of illegal activities and was sentenced to 3 years in prison for embezzlement. 

When the news broke out, Park Min Young was rumored to be a “gold digger.” She received a supercar and money from the CEO. In response, actress Park’s agency denied the rumors and Kang Jong Hyun also spoke on her behalf and clarified he had never gifted her a car. 

Kang Jong-hyun Park Min young thumbnail
CEO Kang refuted that he never gifted her anything 

Zhou Dongyu – Liu Haoran: When ‘Best Actress’ and top young actor became a couple 

Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran previously collaborated in “Fire On The Plain” and “The Founding of an Army,” which subsequently led to the news of a real-life relationship following their coupling on-screen. 

 Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran
 Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran were caught in dating rumors 

In September, fans saw with their eyes photos of dating between the two stars. Afterwards, “Sina” released a video of them going out for tennis and returning to Liu Haoran’s house. 

 Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran
The couple played tennis together… 
 Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran
…and returned to actor Liu’s house 

Zhou Dongyu earned ‘Best Actress’ at the 2016 “Golden Horse Film Awards” and later two more at the “Golden Rooster Film Awards” and “Hong Kong Film Award”  in 2020.  She became the third actress to have a hatrick of “Best Actress” Awards alongside Zhou Xun, Zhang Yiyi. 

Liu Haoran is also a successful actor at 25, boasting a pan-Asian popularity with “With You” and “Detective Chinatown.” “Maoyan” also listed him in the top 2 of artists with the most box-office sales with Jackson Yee. actor Liu and actress Zhou were in the “Forbes China Top 20.” 

 Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran
The two stars were the leading faces in their respective rankings 

Yamazaki Kento – Hirose Suzu: shocking love story of “Nation’s Visual Treasure” of Japan that shocked Asia 

In July, Bunshun Online exposed the dating of two famous Japanese stars Yamazaki Kento and Hirose Suzu who celebrated Suzu’s 24th birthday early on and watched a kickboxing match at night. 

Yamazaki Kento Hirose Suzu
Kenzo and Suzu were the top actors of JBiz in terms of appearance and reputation 

Kenzo was seen going to his girlfriend’s residence by the arist transportation car, implicitly showing the company’s support and acknowledgement of their status. However, when Bunshun Online contacted them for more information, the company said indifferently: “We leave private matters to the two of them.”

Yamazaki Kento Hirose Suzu
Japanese media released photos of them dating 

Yamazaki Kento and Hirose Suzu worked together in “Your Lie in April” (2016) and are both well-known stars in Japan. Kento was ViVi’s chosen “National Treasure Ikemen” two times. 

Outside of Japan, Kento boasts a massive fan base after “Death Note” popularity and as well as “Good Doctor”, “Alice in Borderland” to name a few. In 2020, he was in the “Forbes Asia Top 100.”

 Source: Dispatch, Sina, Thairath

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