5 celebrities whose wise words truly comfort fans’ heart

A lot of celebrities give advice on fans’ concerns, as well as provide wise insights and warm consolations, and below are some examples. 

Celebrities can sometimes become a pillar of support, as fans can openly share their concerns and distress with their favorite stars. The range of concerns is vast, from relationships to social life, love, and career paths. So, how did the stars, who encountered various concerns of their fans, respond? Below are some of the stars’ advice, which is worth noting down and reflecting upon.

Kim Tae Ri’s words on friendship

In the past, actress Kim Tae Ri received a question about human relationships while counseling a fan’s concern through a livestream. The story was about a 20-year-old friend who constantly crossed the line and acted selfishly, causing stress and making the sender wonder whether to cut ties or not.

kim tae ri

After quietly reading the comment, Kim Tae Ri said, “Most people advise cutting ties”, adding, “When you met at school, your life cycles were not different. But as you become adults, your realms change, and inevitably, some discrepancies arise.”

She then advised, “Most people say to be honest and sort out the relationship, but I think it’s better to take some time. You might think, ‘Ah, I used to like this aspect of my friend,’ or ‘I had fun playing with them because of these things,’ and it can be a turning point in the relationship.”

Finally, the actress concluded, “In the end, it’s the sender’s choice and they should put themselves first. However, 20 years is a long time, so I hope you think carefully and go on a happy path rather than cutting ties.”

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua’s unbiased advice

In the past, Shuhua received a question from a fan during a live broadcast, who asked what they should do when they like someone of the same gender. To this, Shuhua immediately replied, “Just like them. Be brave and love.”


Then, when the fan asked, “What if my parents don’t approve?” Shuhua answered simply, “Dating is your business, not your parents’. Talk to your parents seriously. If they truly love you, they will eventually accept it. You don’t know how powerful love is.”

Park Eun Bin’s firm advice

Last year, Park Eun Bin participated in an interview with Vogue Korea and conducted a counseling content. In the process, she read a note with a concern, which said, “As I turned 30, it became more difficult to form relationships. I feel like I’m burdening the other person if I approach them just because I like them, like in my teens and 20s.”

To this, Park Eun Bin firmly advised the fan to just live with as much as they can handle. 


She then added, “I felt more satisfied when I focused on and expressed myself to the people I could handle. You don’t have to make an effort beyond your capacity. As you age, you have to adapt to new challenges. Take care of yourself first.”

Lee Hyori’s astounding perspective

Last year, Lee Hyori conducted a consultation segment during an interview with W magazine.At the time, one fan confessed, “Relationships at work are very difficult. Every time unwanted trouble occurs, my heart feels heavy.”

After some contemplation, Lee Hyori responded, “Human relationships are still a difficult part for me as well,” adding, “Nowadays, I think the aspects of people I dislike are also within me.”

Lee Hyori

“Ah, that person is like a mirror to me. They’ve come into my life to make me fix that part of myself, and that’s how our relationship has formed”, Lee Hyori explained her mindset, and mentioned that she reflects on the disliked aspects of such a person, as if observing herself, so as not to act like them. 

“As you refine yourself, you see less of those aspects in others, and you gradually start to feel more comfortable. I think it would be good to take this as an opportunity for reflection”, the singer also said. 

IU on the topic of “doing well”

In the past, IU had a one-on-one meeting with a fan who dreams of becoming a singer through the web content “Good Job Today” (literal translation).

During dinner together, the fan asked, “Don’t you write and compose your songs yourself? In order to do well, I guess I have to do it a lot.” 


Hearing this, IU replied, “The criteria for doing well are too ambiguous.”

She then advised, “Since you can’t satisfy everyone, you should find your own thing and meet people who appreciate it. If I write good lyrics and honestly express my thoughts, people who just say it’s good and listen to me will appear… Then, isn’t that doing well?”

Source: Wikitree

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