46-year-old actor Won Bin shows off his unchanging visual in new CF, making fans wonder why he hasn’t had any acting activity for 12 years

Actor Won Bin reported his recent status through a new advertisement filming.

In a new video released on Youtube on March 17th, Won Bin showed off his unchanging handsome appearance.

Won Bin appeared in a promotional video for a cosmetic brand he modeled for and showed off his sculpture-like visual in a pure white suit. In particular, his unique low-pitched voice and prince-like appearance captivated the hearts of female fans.

Born in 1977, Won Bin has turned 46 years old in Korean age. While many fans find the fact that Won Bin is currently in his late 40s unbelievable, they are also hoping to see him through more acting activities.

Won Bin

Won Bin has not been active since the movie “The Man From Nowhere”, which was released in 2010. The actor hasn’t had any special activity for 12 years.

Won Bin

It is reported that several movies sent casting offers to Won Bin but all failed.

Won Bin

During the past 12 years without acting activities, Won Bin has only been disclosing his status only through advertisements. 

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