Red Velvet’s Yeri: “We don’t really know what Kwangya is, but if SM tells us to go there, we have to go. We’re under a contract”

Recently, Red Velvet appeared on the radio show “Noon’s Hope Song, Kim Shin Young” to promote the new mini-album.

On the radio, DJ Kim Shin Young asked about the worldview and famous Kwangya universe of SM artists, “The SM family has visited Kwangya many times. Even Changmin (TVXQ!) also said that he would come to visit on some day at the end of this year. So what is Kwangya to Red Velvet?”.

The youngest Yeri frankly shared, “We have read the content and talked to each other many times, but to be honest, we are not very clear about this universe.”

Red Velvet Yeri KWANGYA 240322

When asked what if Lee Soo Man asked Red Velvet to come to Kwangya, Yeri also replied nonchalantly, “Of course we have to go. Our group is still under a contract.”

Seulgi also added that Red Velvet visited Kwangya once through the SM TOWN concert held earlier this year.

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