4 Korean drama villians that receive not-to-bad endings

Commit many crimes, even murder, but these villains do not pay the appropriate price.

1. Ju Seok Kyung (Penthouse)

Ju Seok Kyung (Han Ji Hyun) has a long indictment of past mistakes such as School violence, lying, contempt for the poor, always blaming others, contributing to bringing her own sister to a tragic ending,… She has too many sins but in the end, Seok Kyung has a pretty good ending. She paid almost nothing, got her birth mother back, and did what she liked.

Han Ji Hyun

2. Bang Je Soo (Voice)

Officially appearing from Voice 2, as a murderous villain, Bang Je Soo did not face any problems until the end of season 4 and is about to return in season 5. While the good guys in the series constantly meet tragic endings, what Bang Je Soo is going through makes the audience angry. Will he pay dearly for his crimes in season 5?

voice 4

3. Kang So Young (School 2015)

Kang So Young (Cho Soo Hyang) is a bossy schoolgirl who constantly bullies and brings trouble to Eun Bi and Eun Byeol played by Kim So Hyun. So Young’s cruel violence also made a female student so frustrated that she committed suicide. The belated apology and the quite good ending in the last episode of this character are still not enough compared to what she did to the two female leads.

Cho Soo Hyang

4. Boon Ok (Snowdrop)

Boon Ok (Kim Hye Yoon) is not a villain character, yet what she inadvertently created is difficult to forgive. Boon Ok deceived the heroine, the one who was always kind to her, because of her petty personality and always envious nature. It was also because of her deception that the entire Korean team, including the male lead, died tragically. Boon Ok, on the other hand, only has regrets at the end of the film and then goes on to have a happy life.

Kim Hye Yoon
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