4 Korean actresses criticized for looking unrealistically pretty on screen: Yoona still looks good even when her character is dying

Although their characters are either dying or being hospitalized, these Korean actresses still look stunning, causing them to be criticized by netizens.

Korea always places importance on beauty standards. In particular, female celebrities in this country always have to suffer from malicious comments whenever they show any signs of a downgrade in appearance. However, in contrast to the usual standards, the following 4 beautiful actresses were criticized by the viewers for looking… too beautiful and fancy in an unrealistic and unnecessary way, which is not appropriate in the dramas’ contexts and does not suit their characters.

1. Yoona

Not only acting, but Yoona’s (SNSD) look in the Chinese series God of War, Zhao Yun also sparked great controversy for a while. Accordingly, Chinese netizens claim that it doesn’t make sense when Yoona’s face still looks flawless, radiant, and full of vitality like a healthy person while the character Qing Yi that she plays has just been stabbed and is trying to say her last words before dying.

Korean actresses
Korean actresses

2. Park Shin Hye

Compared to the other 3 actresses in this list, Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung are the most heavily criticized one. In Doctors, the actress was criticized by the audiences for dressing up too much, which is inappropriate for her role of a doctor. According to most viewers, as a surgeon, Park Shin Hye was not supposed to have long nails, nor wear nail polish. The criticism was so fierce that the production crew of Doctors and Park Shin Hye had to acknowledge their mistake. And even Lee Sung Kyung was also under fire for having too much makeup.

Korean actresses
Korean actresses
The stylish doctors in the drama even wear high heels to work
lee sung kyung
Not only Park Shin Hye, her co-star Lee Sung Kyung was also criticized for wearing too much makeup

3. Lee Da Hae

Despite having an appealing and thrilling storyline with a rating of up to 35.9 percent, Chuno cannot avoid being criticized because the female lead Lee Da Hae‘s appearance is too beautiful. The actress plays a slave who is always forced to live a miserable life in order to avoid chasing troops yet the look of Korean beauties is always stunning and radiant. Her clothing was likewise clean and different from those of the other slaves. Lee Da Hae even applied full-on makeup and also wore glossy lipstick.

Korean actresses
lee da hee

4. Jiyeon

Jiyeon (T-ara) is one of the few female idols who has been praised for her acting abilities since the start of her career. However, she received a lot of hate from the audience for constantly wearing makeup, regardless of her character’s situation. Jiyeon’s face was still covered in heavy makeup and sharp black eyeliner even when her character was injured and hospitalized.

Korean actresses
Despite being hospitalized, Jiyeon still looks as pretty as if she was taking a pictorial
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