4 K-dramas where the main couple don’t get together, but viewers are happy about it

Most K-drama viewers hope for a happy ending where the main couple become lovers. However, in certain cases, a break up or separation may be better for everyone.

Eun Kang – Go Cha Won (“Red Balloon”)

Red Balloon

The relationship between Eun Kang (Seo Ji Hye) and Go Cha Won (Lee Sang Woo) in “Red Balloon” has been unacceptable from the get-go. In particular, no matter how jealous Eun Kang was of her best friend Ba Da (Hong Soo Hyun), it is wrong to “steal” the other’s husband. Despite being the female lead, Eun Kang was hated by most viewers, seeing that she wears a proper mask, only to stab people from behind their backs. 

Red Balloon

In the end, Eun Kang’s true face was revealed, but Cha Won, Ba Da’s husband, still defended her, frustrating most audiences. The fact that Eun Kang and Cha Won don’t get together, is thus, satisfying for most watchers, although many wish Eun Kang could have suffered a bit more. 

Lee Ra El – Kang Yoon Kyum (“Eve”)

In “Eve”, female lead Lee Ra El (Seo Ye Ji) tried to pay revenge to those who have wronged her family by seducing Yoon Kyum, the husband of Han So Ra. However, she ended up falling in love, leading to a wrongful romance. 

Seo Ye Ji Eve
Seo Ye Ji Eve

Of course, Han So Ra and Yoon Kyum were not exactly in love, nor were they good people, however, this doesn’t excuse Ra El’s action, so the fact that “Eve” didn’t end up with a happy ending did not come unexpected. 

In the end, Yoon Kyum died, while Ra El moved on from her past, stayed along, and began a new life. It was a sad ending, but all viewers found this satisfactory, especially considering the events that unfolded throughout “Eve”. 

Jung Eum – Ji Hoon (“High Kick! 2”)

It often saddens fans to witness an unfinished ending to Jung Eum and Ji Hoon from “High Kick! 2.” 

High kick 2
High kick 2

In the end, Ji Hoon and Se Kyung, who harbored a secret unrequited love for him, passed away in an accident and left behind a younger sister. Nonetheless, the audience claimed that Jung Eum and Ji Hoon should not have got together because of Jung Eum’s character as a hot-headed and childish person. In their opinions, she did not deserve Ji Hoon, who was good-looking and gentle to others. However, the fact that Ji Hoon and Se Kyung had to experience a tragic end confused the viewers. 

Sun Oh – Jo Jo (“Love Alarm”)

love alarm

Through many obstacles, Kim Jo Jo (Kim So Hyun) decided to part ways with Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang) to be with Lee Hye Young (Jung Ga Ram.) The strange ending confounded many viewers, stating that Jo Jo was not being transparent in her feelings and often wanted someone whom she was not in a relationship with. To the majority, while the initial relationship did not work out, they believed Sun Oh deserved a better ending with someone who cherished him. 

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