2PM’s Hwang Chan-sung has officially become a father… His wife, who is 8 years older than him, gave birth to a daughter

Hwang Chan-sung, actor and member of group 2PM, welcomed his first daughter and became a dad. 

According to a report by SpoTV News on July 26th, Hwang Chang-sung’s wife recently gave birth to a daughter.

It is known that Hwang Chan-sung was very happy about the birth of his daughter. Since it is a bit late for his wife, who is 8 years older than him, to give birth, he is very happy as the child was born healthily. Hwang Chan-sung is taking care of his wife and daughter with the blessings of family members, relatives, and close acquaintances.

2pm chansung

Hwang Chan-sung announced his marriage and his wife’s pregnancy at the same time in December last year. 7 months after the announcement, he has become a father of a daughter. The couple planned to hold a wedding ceremony earlier this year but they failed to do so because of the Coronavirus spread.

Hwang Chan-sung’s wife is 8 years older than him and she is a non-celebrity. The two tied the knot after dating for a long time. Announcing his marriage, Hwang Chan-sung said, “This person has been a resting place for my unstable heart and a friend as well as a lover whom I can share anything with”, expressing his affection.

2pm chansung

As an actor and a member of boy group 2PM, Hwang Chan-sung is loved by many fans in Korea and overseas. He recently received compliments for his acting transformation in Channel A’s drama “Show Window: The Queen’s House”. 

Source: daum

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