2NE1’s Sandara Park boasted luxury sneaker collection with most expensive pair being tens of thousands of dollars 

Sandara Park, a former member of the group 2NE1, has unveiled her sneaker collection.

Recently, Sandara Park posted a video titled “First Time Revealed. Dara’s Luxury Shoe Rack| Online Housewarming Part. 2” on her YouTube channel.

Sandara Park previously appeared on MBC’s “I Live Alone” and unveiled her life as a maximist for the first time. 

Sandara Park

The video showed Sandara Park introducing a luxury shoe rack full of limited edition sneakers.

Sandara Park said, “It’s the sneakers section that I worked hard on the most. There are only Nike here. In fact, besides this, there are five to six times more shoes in my house,” she said, surprising the viewers.

Sandara Park

There were also sneakers that are the collaboration between luxury brand Off-White and singer Travis Scott, and shoes that Big Bang’s GD created. In particular, the singer introduced GD’s shoes and said, “There are the yellow pair painted by GD himself, red, and white pairs, which are limited Korean editions.”

Sandara Park

She also showed her High Top sneakers on camera and said, “These classic shoes are very good items if you keep them even if you don’t wear them often these days. It’s because you can’t buy them after time has passed.”

When asked about the sneakers that were the most difficult to get, Sandara said, “I’m computer illiterate, so I had a hard time getting them online. Men’s sizes are already hard to get, let alone women’s. I have to pull all the strings one by one with my friend.”

Sandara Park

She then said, “Most sneakers are in men’s sizes, there are not many women’s sizes. That’s why I’m so upset,” taking out his creamy sneakers and saying, “My size was nowhere to be found. One day, I went to a sneakers fix shop in Hong Kong, where I got my size and got it delivered. I waited for a month. But it’s not hard to wait, but it’s important to get it. It’s so cute,” the singer said, expressing her true love for sneakers.

In the meantime, she chose the shoes that GD painted yellow as the shoes that are currently most likely to be sold at the highest price. Sandara Park said with a happy smile, “It’s not a purchase, but I think I can sell it for tens of millions of won (tens of thousands of dollars) at resale price now.”

Sandara Park

Sandara Park buys shoes or receives them as gifts. She said, “What was really expensive were the Mars Yard shoes. Travis Scott 1 are also expensive, I bought them when I went to Tokyo. At that time, I thought about buying several and keeping them, if not reselling them. My dream is to buy two pairs, wear one pair, and keep one pair,” she said.

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