2NE1 CL has “lost her original intention” in her 15th year of debut? 

Comedian Lee Yong Joo pointed out that 2NE1 member CL has “lost her original intention” and even presented evidence.

On February 26th, a video titled “Ask CL for a lollipop” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Psick Univ”. On this day, CL from group 2NE1 appeared as a guest while wearing a dress with colorful decorations on her chest and shared her story.

Then, a party with a cake was held in celebration of CL’s birthday (February 26th). 


Comedian Lee Yong Joo then told CL, who debuted as a member of 2NE1 in 2009 and celebrates the 15th anniversary of her debut this year, that the female idol “lost her original intention”. As if to prove this statement, a photo comparing CL’s old and current autograph was released. 

From the photo, it can be seen that while the old signature included a variety of strokes and character, the current signature was composed of only one stroke, showing a clear difference.


Seeing this, CL couldn’t hide her bewildered expression and tried to explain herself. “Currently, signing autographs takes more time and effort. The old signature can be changed, the current one cannot”, the female idol said. 

Meanwhile, CL recently performed at the “MIK FESTIVAL PARIS FRANCE”, which was held in Paris, France.

Source: Nate 

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