2 reasons why ‘A Business Proposal’ is loved by the audience despite its old motif

What has made the great attraction of “A Business Proposal”?

Recently, moviegoers who love Korean dramas have been paying special attention to “A Business Proposal”. The series has a motif that is not too new and there have been many other series that exploit this topic, which is about a love story between a couple at a workplace. So what has created a strong attraction for this “not-so-new” series ?

A Business Proposal female characters

Excellent cast

The first strong point of this series is owning a cast full of talented actors. As soon as the series announced the main cast, viewers couldn’t help but wonder about the visual level of A Business Proposal’s actors from Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Se Jeong to Kim Min Kyu or Seol In Ah

Not to mention, the series also features veteran actors such as Lee Seok Hwa (Chairman Kang), Kim Kwang Kyu (Shin Ha Ri’s father) who have many years of experience with natural acting skills. So, in terms of acting, “A Business Proposal” has a balance between young potential actors and well trained, experienced actors.

Funny and relaxing storyline

Unlike other dramas that aired at the same time, “A Business Proposal” appears to be much simpler. The plot is not psychologically complex, and even predictable, which is a highlight of the drama. However, for any audience who is bored of the first day of the week, its funny storyline is suitable. After each episode is broadcast, what remains in the hearts of viewers are funny and relaxing scenes and they do not have to think much about the thoughts and feelings that the drama leaves.

The drama that leaves a lot of expectations

For those who have watched the webtoon of A Business Proposal before, the TV version is worth looking forward to.  Will “A Business Proposal” keep the same details as the webtoon or will Korean filmmakers create more details to refresh the content?  Not to mention, the webtoon version has a lot of daring scenes of two couples Tae Moo, Ha Ri and Sung Hoon, Young Seo;  Will those scenes appeared on the small screen?

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