Kim Woo-seok: “I want to grow as an actor, which is why I challenged myself with ‘Bulgasal’”

UP10TION’s Kim Woo-seok told the story of his appearance in tvN drama “Bulgasal.”

“The character Do-yoon was so attractive,” Kim Woo-seok said at the online showcase for the release of his third mini-album “3RD DESIRE [Reve]” on Mar 7th.

Kim Woo-seok-UP10TION

He then said, “After finishing my first role, I had thought I had to play a character that was difficult and enough to be a challenge for me in order for me to grow. I auditioned for the role of Do-yoon because I wanted to play a character with a large range of emotions. I think I was able to finish the shoot safely thanks to the director’s encouragement. It’s an unforgettable relationship to me,” he said.

He also expressed his determination to continue as a singer and actor. Kim Woo-seok said, “Both are attractive careers to me. Since my main job is a singer, I feel proud when I hear that I sing well, and I am grateful to everyone who supports me knowing that I am growing a lot through the drama.”

Kim Woo-seok-UP10TION

He said, “As an actor, I hope I will be an actor whose appearance in future works people look forward to seeing, and as a singer, I want to be a singer whose music the public can enjoy together.”

Kim Woo-seok‘s third mini-album “3RD DESIRE [Reve]” is the final version of his “Desire” series. This is his first comeback in a year since the last album, and through this album, Kim Woo-seok transforms into a “dreaming boy” and an “ideal man in your dreams” to portray the concept of “the desire to sleep” in Kim Woo-seok‘s own color. Kim Woo-seok, who has participated in writing and composing from his first solo album, not only participates in writing and composing all the songs, but also plans the concept and story of all songs as a music producer to show his charm as a solo singer who has grown a lot. The mini-album will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on Mar 7th.

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