14-Year-Old Trot Singer Oh Yu-jin Complains Of Damage Due To Stalker, “She’s very wary of adult men”

According to Xsports News’s report on October 30th, Oh Yu-jin recently sued A, a man in his 60s for violating the Law on the punishment for stalking crimes, defamation by spreading false information.

For several months, A has been raising suspicions about Oh Yu-jin’s biological parents by leaving comments on YouTube and SNS, such as “Why doesn’t Oh Yu-jin show her biological mom and dad on the show? Why did she appear on broadcast with only her grandmother?”, “Where’s your biological mom and dad?”, “What are they doing right now?”, etc.

Oh Yu-jin

In addition, he claimed himself as Oh Yu-jin’s father and contacted Oh Yu-jin’s maternal grandmother Yoo Il-nam, who is living with the female singer as her guardian, to ask if she is hiding the truth and demand a direct meeting. This caused anxiety and fear to Oh Yu-jin and her family.

In addition, A even visited Oh Yu-jin’s school and events where she performed in person. It is said that Oh Yu-jin was very afraid and wary of adult men and could not hide her anxious look at the event venues. Therefore, Oh Yu-jin’s side filed a complaint against A. The police also confirmed the allegations after the investigation and recently sent A to the prosecution without detention.

Oh Yu-jin’s side confessed, “They said it was difficult to arrest A because he did not directly visit our house or the event venues and threatened her physically. Oh Yu-jin was given a smartwatch for personal protection but she’s being so careful because she doesn’t know when or what will happen again”.

They emphasize, “Oh Yu-jin and her family are still suffering from mental damage as A has been posting malicious comments even after the police investigation. We hope A will stop doing that now. W want A and other perpetrators of stalking and false information spread will pay the price. We plan to take strict legal action to ensure that A gets the highest level of punishment”.

Meanwhile, Oh Yu-jin was born in 2009 and is currently 14 years old. In 2020 she proved her outstanding singing ability and star quality through “Trot National Festival”, then emerged as a  next-generation trot star. She has been active under Totalset since July last year.

Source: Daum

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