“100% in sync”… Cho Hyun Ah of “Nut rage incident” was parodied in “Queenmaker”

In Netflix’s “Queenmaker”, a scene reminiscent of Korean Air’s former vice president Cho Hyun Ah appeared.

On April 14th, “Queenmaker” starring actresses Kim Hee Ae and Moon So Ri was finally unveiled.

The drama tells the story of Hwang Do Hee (Kim Hee Ae), who controls the strategic planning office of a conglomerate, struggling to make Oh Kyung Sook (Moon So Ri), a human rights lawyer, become the mayor of Seoul.

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In the drama, Hwang Do Hee started image making when Eun Chae Ryeong (Kim Sae Byuk), the managing director of Eunseong Group with intermittent explosive disorder, assaulted a female employee and caused a “power abuse controversy”.

Eun Chae Ryeong stood in front of reporters and bowed her head deeply as Hwang Do Hee told her to do. She apologized repeatedly, “I’m sorry for causing trouble.”

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When a reporter asked “Ms. Eun, is it true that you have intermittent explosive disorder?”, Eun Chae Ryeong raised her head with a fierce look in her eyes.

When the reporter continued to ask “Intermittent explosive disorder is a serious mental illness. Do you think you should be managing a business in such a state?”, Eun Chae Ryeong said nothing.

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The reporter once again asked, “Ms. Eun, are you admitting that you suffer from this disorder?” Hearing this, Eun Chae Ryeong approached the reporter as if she was furious.

At this time, citizens who were protesting against the eviction threw eggs at Eun Chae Ryeong. Eun Chae Ryeong hurriedly left, surrounded by many bodyguards.

Many viewers said in unison that Eun Chae Ryeong reminded them of Korean Air’s former vice president Cho Hyun Ah, who caused a “power abuse controversy” with the “nut rage incident” in 2014.

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This is because at that time, former vice president Cho Hyun Ah was also caught looking at the camera with fierce eyes while bowing her head and apologizing in front of reporters.

Besides, Eun Chae Ryeong poured out abusive language towards her employees, “I heard it was 3 o’clock, but I missed it, like you! XX who can’t make it on time!”, “I work so hard! You should also repay me!”...

Netizens who watched this scene said that it reminded them of the voice of former vice president Cho Hyun Ah, who was angry with her ex-husband for devouring braised sea bream.

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