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Zico once again bet his “R brand watch” in a game against Lee Soo-geun… The result is? (Knowing Bros)

Rapper Zico bet his “R brand watch” but lost to Lee Soo-geun.

Zico and ITZY members Chaeryeong, Yeji, Yuna appeared as transfer students on JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros”, which aired on August 6th, and talked about various things with “Knowing Bros” members.

Zico, who bet a watch and lost to “Knowing Bros” members in the last episode he joined, bet his watch again and played a “one breath challenge” game with Lee Soo-geun to overcome the sadness of the past. Min Kyung-hoon scared Zico as he said, “Soo-geun can read the Tripitaka Koreana in one breath”, drawing laughter.

However, Zico did not give in and bet the R brand luxury watch on his wrist, while Lee Soo-geun the wall clock on the filming set of “Knowing Bros” as the prize. Zico showed his determination, saying “I won’t lose my watch today no matter what”. 

Neither Zico nor Lee Soo-geun completed the “one breath challenge” but the victory went to Lee Soo-geun because he continued his attempt for longer than Zico. The broadcast didn’t show whether the watch was delivered to the winner or not but it drew keen attention from fans because Zico once again 

Meanwhile, Zico is promoting his comeback title song “Freak”, which was released in July after he was discharged from the military.

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