“Hangout with Yoo” WSG Wannabe finished the four-month long journey with tears

“Hangout with Yoo” WSG Wannabe put an end to the four-month long journey with a warm goodbye.

MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo“, which aired on August 6th, delivered the second part of WSG Wannabe‘s concert site.

The last stage was decorated with WSG Wannabe’s new group song “When I Close My Eyes”.

The members, who had been holding back their tears to sing, eventually began to burst into tears at the end of the song, starting with Yoon Eun-hye.

Eom Ji-yoon showed tears, “I cry as I’m sad to think this is the last time. I wanted to do better, but thank you.”

Park Jin-joo expressed her feelings, “I think I’ll remember this time later even when I become a grandmother. Thank you so much. I was happy to be able to live as an idol.”

Lastly, Yoon Eun-hye, who held the microphone, said, “We came up (on stage) while repeating ‘One million won if we cry’. However, we cried as soon as the pollen burst. I think we’re very affectionate towards each other.”

In this way, WSG Wannabe completed all official project activities with the release of the group song “When I Close My Eyes”.

On this day’s broadcast, you could see MSG Wannabe gather for the first time after a while as well as enjoy the new combination stage of WSG Wannabe members.

Fans, who cried and laughed together with the WSG Wannabe special segment, said goodbye to the members.

“Hangout with Yoo” will take a three-week break from next week. The show will resume on September 3rd.

Source: insight

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