Yuna Kim revealed 2 photos and ended the controversy over her undergoing double eyelid surgery

Former national figure skater Kim Yuna directly responded to rumors of her getting plastic surgery.

On December 11th, Kim Yuna posted 2 photos on her Instagram and wrote, “I didn’t get double eyelid surgery”. In the first picture, she pulled down the mask and stared straight at the camera with her relaxed eyes. It looks like she was revealing her bare face without thick eye makeup in the middle of a photoshoot. She wore a mask in the other photo. However, as she showed a stronger gaze and looked straight at the camera, her thin double eyelids became more vivid.

Yuna Kim controversy double eyelid surgery

Kim Yuna’s attractive eyes have already been mentioned in online topics several times because they can transform with different atmospheres. However, some media outlets and netizens spread articles saying her double eyelids were the result of plastic surgery. If you search “Kim Yuna” on any portal site, the search phrase “Kim Yuna’s double eyelids” may appear right below.

Yuna Kim controversy double eyelid surgery

Therefore, Kim Yuna decided to express her frustration about the rumors directly. Users on online communities also reacted to Kim Yuna’s photos and also showed their anger towards the rumor.

Netizens commented, saying, “Who made such a fuss about her having double eyelid surgery?”, “Don’t mess up with Kim Yuna”, “Who said such things? Kim Yuna’s eyes have always been like that?”, “She’s so pretty and cute”, “Go away, those who said she got double eyelid surgery”, “Her eyes are obviously natural”, “How can they say that’s double eyelid?”

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