Ahead of due date, Youtuber Yoo Hye Joo boasts about her husband’s back hugs and comfortable belly lifts

Ulzzang-turned-Youtuber Yoo Hye Joo revealed her daily life full of love from her husband before the due date.

On January 17th, Yoo Hye Joo uploaded a short video on her Instagram account with the caption, “Most comfortable time”.

The released video shows Yoo Hye Joo’s husband Jo Ddaeng lifting Yoo Hye Joo’s pregnant belly, saying “I’ll hold it for you”.

Yoo Hye-joo

After counting 1, 2 and 3, Jo Ddaeng lifted Yoo Hye Joo’s belly and Yoo Hye Joo showed a relaxed expression.

The female Youtuber has had a hard time after getting pregnant because of her heavy belly, but it seems like she is receiving great care from her husband.

Yoo Hye Joo said, “So comfortable”, and took a rest. Jo DDaeng responded, “You would feel better if I lift it like this”.

Yoo Hye-joo

Thanks to the warm touch of his father Jo Ddaeng, baby Ro Ha (fetus nickname) seemed to be in a good mood as he moved enthusiastically.

In response to Yoo Hye Joo’s post, Internet users commented, “It’s really comfortable if you do that”, “My husband also lifted my belly every time I went upstairs”, etc.

Yoo Hye-joo

Meanwhile, Yoo Hye Joo married her husband, a flight attendant, in 2019 and received warm congratulations and blessings from netizens.

4 years after their marriage, Yoo Hye Joo reported the news of her pregnancy. The couple is expected to welcome their son Ro Ha in March.

Source: Insight

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