YouTuber Lee Jin-ho exposed anonymous Instagram account claiming to be Kim Seon-ho’s acquaintance

According to YouTuber Lee Jin-ho, the rumor that Kim Seon-ho’s scandal was manipulated by his agency is fake.

On October 21st, entertainment YouTuber Lee Jin-ho posted a video titled “After Kim Seon-ho’s apology…His agency revealed it because he was going to leave?”.

Regarding speculations that the ex-girlfriend who exposed Kim Seon-ho‘s private life is a prostitute, Lee Jin-ho said, “It is such an absurd suspicion. I have never mentioned that she is a prostitute and so far, I have not heard of any reports or stories that say she is a sex worker. It’s a ridiculous guess. “If you were a woman working in that industry, would it be any better for Kim Seon-ho?” Rather, it’s another advantage for him,” he dismissed.

Lee Jin-ho Kim Seon-ho

YouTuber Lee Jin-ho then mentioned the SNS account that claims to be an acquaintance of Kim Seon-ho. The account said, “The reality of the industry is that if the artist tries to leave the company after it has managed risks (for the artist) during the contract period and discussion (for contract renewal) has been made, the company will just grab his leg, push him to the ground and kill him”, imposing that Kim Seon-ho was exposed by his agency for not wanting to renew his contract.

However, Lee Jin-ho shared, “Is it time to renew the contract? From that point on, the contents are wrong. It’s difficult for the agency to fully cope with personal issues. But the claim that the agency was trying to control him makes no sense. Of course, the agency is also responsible for some of the cancellation fees. It’s not just 100~200 million won.” He also said that there is no reason for the agency that suffered damages comparable to that of Kim Seon-ho to carry out such a self-fabricated scenario.

Lee Jin-ho Kim Seon-ho

In the meantime, he revealed that the account claiming to be an unidentified acquaintance of Kim Seon-ho was fake. Lee Jin-ho added, “That person said they were his close acquaintance but didn’t know when he renewed the contract.” He also confirmed that the post saying “I was worried about Kim Seon-ho, so I went to his house. But I haven’t been able to contact him since Oct 18″ was also untrue, “I guess they deleted the post because they felt guilty.”

Additionally, the YouTuber explained to reporters that the post saying he handed over the circumstances and data was groundless. Lee Jin-ho confessed, “That person said they’ll reveal more through media outlets on Oct 25, but they don’t know about the industry at all. If they wanted to do that, they would have come out already. Unbelievable account.”

Regarding the controversy over the contract’s expiration, Salt Entertainment issued an official statement, “It’s not true. It’s not the time to renew the contract.”

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