Yoona, a big treat to the staff in Paris… “I’ll buy all of you something without any price limits”

Yoona bought presents for the staff.

On Nov 26th, a video titled “Miu Miu Fashion Show Vlog 2” was posted on Girls’ Generation Yoona‘s official channel “Yoona’s So Wonderful Day“.

In the video, Yoona said, “I have some free time today, so I’ll be shopping in Paris today and have good food.”

Yoona Paris

After that, Yoona went shopping with the staff. She confessed, “Since we always have outfits for schedules, I go for comfortable clothes.”

She added, “I don’t get to buy fancy clothes… I just go wear sweatshirts.”

Moreover, Yoona suggested to the staff, “Without any price limits, I’ll buy all of you something.” She emphasized, “You get to choose only one.”

Yoona Paris

The staff asked, “It doesn’t matter how expensive it is?” Yoona caused laughter as she responded, “I’m sure you’ll consider my pockets.” Eventually, the staff chose shoes.

Yoona also visited a chocolate shop. She confessed, “I don’t like strong acidity. I like my coffee tasting savory. I don’t like strongly roasted coffee.”

Source: Nate

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