Yoo Seung Ho’s Potential Role in “Moving” Sequel Teased 

Season 1 of Disney+’s “Moving” is about to end and Yoo Seung Ho is expected to appear in the sequel

Moving” was originally a webtoon by writer Kang Full. Kang Full has built his own universe through horror and action comics. Just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, characters and key settings interact across his comics, leading fans to refer to it as the “Kang Full Universe.”


In episode 16 of “Moving,” which was released on September 13th, the main character of the Kang Full Universe, Kim Young Tak, makes an appearance. Kim Hee Won (played by Choi Il Hwan), a teacher at Jungwon High School, reminisces about the past and asks, “Young Tak, are you transferring?” 

When he starts nagging, Kim Young Tak flicks his finger. Time stops, and when he flicks his finger again, time begins to flow. His face is not visible, only his hand and voice are heard, arousing curiosity.

Kim Hee Won wrote “Transfer Procedure” on Kim Young Tak’s personal information sheet. In the midst of this, fans noticed the resident registration number ‘930817’ written on the sheet, speculating that Yoo Seung Ho would play Kim Young Tak in season 2 of “Moving,” as Yoo Seung Ho’s date of birth is 930817 (August 17, 1993).

moving webtoon

Netizens reacted with comments such as, “There must have been a reason for the resident registration number to be shown,” “Yoo Seung Ho is fine, season 2 is likely to happen,” “Young Tak should look a bit naughty, but Yoo Seung Ho is too handsome.”

With the appearance of Kim Young Tak, “Moving” has teased its sequel, raising expectations for Yoo Seung Ho’s participation.


“Moving” is a superpower action hero series where children with hidden superpowers and parents who have lived with painful secrets confront a great danger that transcends time and generations while hiding their abilities. Season 1 will end with the release of the final three episodes on September 20th.

Source: Nate

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