Yoo Seung-ho, who used to be the most famous child actor, got paid at least 30 million won per movie 20 years ago

The appearance fee of actor Yoo Seung-ho and a hidden touching story about him was revealed on a recent broadcast.

The broadcast of cable channel IHQ’s “Secret Newsroom” aired on February 5th carried out a corner to unveil everything about actor Yoo Seung-ho, who is starring in KBS 2TV’s drama “Moonshine”.

During the broadcast that day, Kim Hyung-ja revealed that she used to live in the same apartment building as Yoo Seung-ho and said she felt so proud to see that cute little boy growing up well.

Reporter Ha Ji-young recalled that Yoo Seung-ho’s first movie “The Way Home” sold 4.1 million tickets and the actor didn’t lose his pure appearance even after becoming well-loved as “ Nation’s Little Brother”. 

Secret Newsroom

Ha Ji-young once talked about her meeting with Yoo Seung-ho in an interview and revealed that at that time, Yoo Seung-ho kept telling his mom to run away from the filming set because he was made to do something weird.

Yoo Seung-ho’s appearance fee was also publicized. Apart from receiving lots of casting calls, Yoo Seung-ho received the highest appearance free among child actors. It is said that his movie appearance fee in the early and mid-2000s was at least 30 million won. Compared to child actors’ appearance fees per movie in 2013, which ranged from 10 million won to 50 million won, the amount that Yoo Seung-ho got paid 10 years ago was considered high.

Another famous child actor Moon Geun-young received her appearance free as an adult actor at the age of 21. However, Yoo Seung-ho had already been paid as an adult actor during his high school days.

Secret Newsroom

Moreover, it is said that every time Yoo Seung-ho started a project, he always offered the production crew a condition of respecting child actors. In fact, compared to adult actors child actors’ appearance was considered a waste and they were not respected at that time. Therefore, Yoo Seung-ho said he wanted the production team to reduce the hardships that children had to push ahead with during the filming, which is a rather excessive working environment.

It is said that Yoo Seung-ho carried snacks around the filming site and gave them to other child actors. He also comforted the child actors who were struggling because they had to wait such a long time for their filming. In addition, thanks to Yoo Seung-ho’s efforts, child actors have gradually been treated better.

Secret Newsroom” airs every Saturday at 11 A.M.

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