Yoo In Na shed tears after confessing to best friend IU and staff, revealing her real personality on “Omniscient Interfering View”

“Omniscient Interfering View” Yoo In Na confessed her feelings to people around her.

Yoo In Na guested on MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View”, which aired on April 29th.

The broadcast showed Yoo In Na going on a trip with her managers and staff after finishing her filming of the drama “Bo-ra! Deborah”.

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Receiving a text from IU, Yoo In Na said jokingly said, “I said I was recording ‘Omniscient Interfering View’, and she told my manager to make sure that I cry”.

In response, the manager revealed that IU sang at her wedding. It surprised me that IU offered it first. The manager shared, “IU sang a wedding at my wedding”. Yoo In Na added, “Ji Eun (IU’s real name) said she would definitely sing at the wedding”, creating a warm atmosphere.

Afterwards, Yoo In Na’s team arrived in Gapyeong and enjoyed various activities, such as playing games and watching cherry blossoms. Arriving at their accommodation, Yoo In Na excitedly pinned up the recipe she had prepared and rolled up her sleeves to cook without the help of her staff.

The surprise menu Yoo In Na prepared was Malaxianguo. She said, “We’ve been together for 8 months for the drama shoot. We always voted on the menu for three meals a day, and Malaxianguo was always the top choice. We ate it a lot”, adding, “The kids like it so I thought it would be a surprise if I personally cooked this dish.”

After dinner, they had a campfire. One of the staff members opened up about their inner thoughts, and everyone was moved to tears. After listening to the heartfelt stories from the managers, Yoo In Na read a letter that she had written at home.

Yoo In Na tearfully confessed, “When I saw the hot packs in my coat pockets, I couldn’t help but feel emotional and my heart ached. It was so cold, yet you all gave me your hot packs”. Her sincere letter made everyone cry heavily.

In a previous broadcast, Yoo In Na had prepared a letter to make IU cry, and this moment once again let viewers see the affectionate heart of Yoo In Na, who was the first person to shed tears.
Upon seeing this, Lee Young Ja reacted, “Is it possible to have such friendships these days?”. Yoo In Na added, “I don’t know how to repay her. So I will try to repay her by thinking and sharing with her everything in my daily life, such as work, relationships, and anything that makes her happy, throughout our lives.”

Source: Daum

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