YG’s official announcement: Didn’t know anything about Jennie and Kai, currently confirming

Amid rumors of the romance of EXO Kai with BLACK PINK Jennie, YG Entertainment said they are confirming the truth.

It’s something we didn’t know about and we are checking the facts,” a YG Entertainment source told OSEN on the morning of Jan 1st.


A media outlet reported on the morning of today that Kai and Jennie are in a romantic relationship. The media said Kai and Jennie are deep in love despite their busy schedule. The media outlet released paparazzi photos and described them as “going on a park date”.

Jennie, meanwhile, recently completed her successful solo debut with her first song ‘Solo’, and Kai busied himself with EXO’s repackage album ‘Love Shot’ promotion.

Sources: Naver

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