YG even provides sex education to trainees? “Since they spend a lot of time in the practice room…”

YG Entertainment’s casting director revealed that the company is giving sex education to trainees.

A video titled “YG trainee selection criteria. Audition tips and behind-the-scenes SSUL revealed” was recently posted on the YouTube channel of WINNER’s Lee Seunghoon.

In the video, Lee Seunghoon had a conversation with YG audition and casting director Seok Eun Jae.

Lee Seung-hoon

When asked what kind of welfare benefits are provided to YG trainees, Seok Eun Jae said, “As a cultural experience, trainees regularly go to the movies together, go to concerts, or try making things together.

Next, Seok Eun Jae said, “The company also gives classes to those who are preparing for the qualification exam.

Lee Seung-hoon

In response, Lee Seunghoon asked, “Aren’t they going to pay your bills after debuting?” Seok Eun Jae said, “No. It’s all investment.

Lee Seung Hoon said, “YG is a company that really spares no support for their trainees, so when I was a trainee, I ordered three menus and ate them.

Lee Seung-hoon

Lee Seunghoon then asked, “Trainees get vocal and dance education, but do they get sex education?” Seok Eun Jae said, “Yes. They have to.

Seok Eun Jae explained, “Since they spend a lot of time in the practice room, we felt the need to provide that education. Dividing them up into age groups and giving information specific to their age.

Then, Seok Eun Jae watched the audition video of Lee Seunghoon and praised his diction. Lee Seunghoon also received favorable reviews for showing his quickness to connect the momentary sliding situation with dance.

Source: Daum

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