Yewon of “Narco-Saints”: “Audition competition rate is more than 500:1, they didn’t know I was from a girl group”

Actress Yewon shared her review of “Narco-Saints.”

Actress Yewon appeared in MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope,” which aired on Sep 20th.

Yewon played the role of the lover and the “Wife” of Jeon Yo-han (played by Hwang Jung-min) in Netflix’s original “Narco-Saints,” which was released on Sep 9th.


Yewon said, “There were quite a few people around me who said they didn’t know it was me. It’s a very successful thing for me then,” adding, “I was worried that I might look too awkward.”

Yewon shared that she joined “Narco-Saints” through an audition. She said, “At that time, the audition was first done through online video-call. When that round has narrowed down the number of contestants to a certain extent, we started the final process by having a meeting with the director,” she explained the behind-the-scenes of the audition.


Talking about the role of the “Wife” which is known to have a 500:1 competition rate, Yewon said, “Maybe it was more. I know that there are many people who wanted to do it because there are not many female characters there. Rather, it was less tense to go through the audition online. I was so nervous when I went to the offline audition. The director didn’t know it was me either. After watching the video, he said he didn’t know that I was an idol girl group member.”

When asked about the reason for her casting, Yewon said, “I was very curious, too, but after receiving the online video, he said, ‘You did so well, you did well’, and I said thank you. He also thought about the makeup and hairstyle, saying, ‘I think you’ll look so good when wearing that style,’ and ‘I think I see a possibility in you because I can see your desire and passion to act.’”


As for actor Hwang Jung-min, who worked with her the most, she said, “I met him during the script reading meeting and filming, but I was so nervous because he was such a difficult senior to me. He directed according to the scene and organized the scene right on set for me a lot. I’ve had so many new experiences,” she said.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s original “Narco-Saints” tells the story of a civilian who was framed to be a drug lord who has taken control of Suriname, a South American country, accepting a secret mission from the NIS.

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