Wu Yi Fan is leading a good and disciplined life, a cellmate reveals

A cellmate went on to talk about the life behind bars of Chinese-Canadian rapper Wu Yi Fan.

On May 18th, a cellmate went on Weibo to give updates on the life of Wu Yi Fan behind bars. The news quickly made headlines in various Chinese media. In detail, the former idol is reportedly maintaining healthy and stable physical and mental statuses. He is said to be adapting to the prison life at the Chaoyang prison in Beijing, China.


Inmates at the prison consider Wu Yi Fan to be a simple and friendly person. He does not receive any special treatment. The former singer has to work 8 hours a day and join moral education classes.

The cellmate also praised him as a responsible person who lives by the rule. He spends his free time writing songs or entertaining fellow inmates. Because of his quick corrective progress and inmates’ trust, Wu Yi Fan is in the “honorary group” of inmates in the prison. He is also in charge of a small group of inmates.

According to Sina, Wu Yi Fan will be transferred to the Yancheng prison in Habei, China to continue his sentence. In this prison, inmates are provided with a sports field for exercise. Wu yi Fan’s daily schedule will consist of planting vegetables and making clothes in a garment factory.

Source: Sina, 163 

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