Worship and liberation… how the drama “My Liberation Notes” draws sympathy from the viewers

JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes”, which is about to reach its end, gives comfort to the viewers in a very unique way.

This drama tells about people who don’t want to be known by others and the situations where they cannot do so. The first half of “My Liberation Notes”, which was explained as “The story of Gyeonggi-do” by Chang-hee (Lee Min-ki), tells the tired daily lives of the three siblings. Everyone has no choice but to be friends with each other because of the low population density there. They are given no selection. They leave home at exactly the same time in the morning to go to work. There seem to be no secret conversations in this place. People leave their company when it is still bright but when they reach this neighborhood, it’s already night-time. The three siblings wonder ‘Would there be any difference if they were in Seoul?” despite knowing nothing much would change. However, they still hope to change their current situation.

Lee Min Ki

There are many eating and drinking scenes in this drama. The sound of spoons and bowls, cups, and glasses touching each other seems to highlight the sense of life and emphasize the appearance of family members, friends, and co-workers when gathering together. They are exhausted because of other people, but as Mi-jung (Kim Ji-won) said, they have no choice but to push themselves ahead and live. That’s the reality. They feel annoyed by everything, from the TV screen to the flyswatter that their mom wields, the meat and beer party with friends as well as their dad’s sudden nagging ‘Until when are you going to live like this?’, but they endure them all and just live their lives.

In the daily lives of these characters, “worship” and “liberation” are their important keywords. In Sanpo, where no changes are likely to happen, Mi-jung asks Mr. Goo (Son Seok-gu) to worship her. In fact, not many viewers and even the characters can distinguish between worship and love at first. This drama can be considered a journey to discover the similarities and differences between love and worship in each of our relationships. In addition, the “Liberation Club” created by Mi-jung has become a precious place in this stuffy daily life that allows people to share talks without having to comfort or give advice to each other.

The characters’ strong will for liberation draws sympathy from the viewers. Amidst serious scenes, the conversations between the three siblings and their friends as well as the Liberation Club are so lovely and pleasant. Friends in Sanpo spend their time criticizing each other on who was dumped more miserably and who is more stupid. The Liberation Club also gains a small achievement by sharing their pressure with each other. If you look closely at the scenes that keep changing between the quiet neighborhood, where nothing special seems to happen, and the noisy but lonely Seoul, you will see how various characters exchange conversations and realize the existence of each other. These scenes give great comfort to people who watch the drama.

“My Liberation Notes” airs every weekend at 10:30 p.m.

Source: Daum

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