SNSD Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung Ho published Lovestagram, reaction exploded at their cute 10-year relationship

A new lovestagram between actor Jung Kyung Ho and SNSD member Sooyoung drew quite the public attention

On May 21st, Sooyoung published on Instagram a photo taken at an art museum in Los Angeles, USA, with the caption “Surrounded by art”.

jung kyung ho
Jung Kyung Ho’s update in L.A.

Then, on May 22nd, actor Jung Kyung Ho updated a photo of himself to Instagram, also taken on the streets of L.A. The couple, who have been dating for 10 years, are obvious together, drawing netizens’ responses like “I really envy this couple”, “I love to see them with each other”, and “They look so good together”.

jung kyung ho
Netizens’ comments on the Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho’s 10-year relationship
jung kyung ho
Jung Kyung Ho looking handsome on his L.A trip.
soo young
Sooyoung in an L.A museum

SNSD Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho have been romantically involved since 2012. Both have managed notable achievements throughout their career, with Sooyoung starring in works like “Run On” and “Move to Heaven”, and Jung Kyung Ho nailing works like “Hospital Playlist” and “Prison Playbook”, as well as earning a Baeksang’s Best Actor in Theatre nomination for his first stage play “Angels in America”. 

soo young
The actress is dressed in comfy clothes while visiting an art museum.

In 2022, Sooyoung is preparing for group activities with her group SNSD. She will also return in the drama series “If You Make A Wish”, which revolves around a young man who is driven to the brink of death, and now grants people’s last wishes. 

Meanwhile, Jung Kyung Ho will star in the romance-comedy series “Another Scandal”, which depicts the lives of Korea’s best instructors and parents. 

Source: Wikitree

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