“Work Later Drink Now 2” Yoo In Young: “When I got drunk and barked with a dog is my most memorable scene”

Actress Yoo In Young, playing Kim Sun Jung, expressed her feelings after “Work Later Drink Now 2” came to an end.

In the original TVing “Work Later Drink Now 2“, Yoo In Young played Kim Sun Jung, the director of the Empty Yoga Center. With both elegance and clumsiness, she added to the fun of the series.

Despite it being Yoo In Young’s first attempt at comical acting, she proves her acting ability by fully immersing herself in the character. She has shown a new look that was never seen before, such as drunken scenes where she spat, ran barefoot, and hung her bag on her neck. Her character draws positive responses such as “Yoo In Young’s face looks arrogant, but she seems to be surprisingly good at comical characters.”

work later drink now Yoo In-young

Actress Yoo In-young, who has shown her limitless acting skills by portraying various charms of Kim Sun Jung, took some time to look back at her journey with the original TVing series “Work Later Drink Now 2.”

Q. Please say hello to the viewers and share your feelings after finishing the drama “Work Later Drink Now 2”.

I was worried because it was my first time playing such a character, but because of that, I wanted to do better and showed a new side of me. Fortunately, after the series went on air, many people liked my character because she was something they hadn’t seen before, so I was proud and thankful.

Q. Kim Sun Jung has so many aspects, ranging from an elegant yoga teacher to a lover of alcohol. What did you focus on the most to express different sides of your character?

Rather than showing a half-changed appearance, I wanted to show an extremely different character (compared to when she was a Yoga Instructor). I created another self-virtual character Sun Jung who was drunk, and acted thinking that there were two characters.

work later drink now Yoo In-young

Q. The relationship between Sun Jung and Sun Guk (Joo Eo Jin) was also interesting. What kind of younger brother was Sun Guk to Sun Jung?

When Sun Jung is drunk, she keeps saying, “Take out the thorn, take out the thorn.” She wanted to take it out because it was uncomfortable and painful like this line, but she couldn’t because it was already stuck in her throat. I think Sun Guk is a brother like that.

Q. I wonder what did you prepare to film the drunk scenes.

I practiced my posture steadily so that my body could become familiar to the yoga movements naturally. Since the injection scene was an action that I had never done before, I imagined Sun Jung drunk and thought how she would act

work later drink now Yoo In-young

Q. What’s your most memorable scene?

The scene where Sun Jung, who was drunk for the first time, fought with a dog while barking and head banging with a bag around her neck is the most memorable to me.

It’s completely in contrast to the image that Sun Jung had shown before, so I thought a lot about how I can express that change more realistically. I thought a lot about it, and I’m more affectionate because it’s a scene that reflected my thoughts.

Q. I wonder what is “Work Later Drink Now 2” to you and what Kim Sun Jung will remain as for actress Yoo In Young.­­­

Thanks to Sun Jung, Yoo In Young’s image as an actress was enriched.

Source: Wikitree

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