Winners of BIG BANG’s “Still Life” cover contest, which attracted the participation of global fans from 44 countries, have been announced

The cover contest for BIG BANG’s “Still Life” ended with the enthusiastic attention of music fans around the world.

YG Entertainment announced 3 winners of “Still Life” cover contest through their official SNS accounts on May 6th.

The 1st place went to ‘Lost In Tunes’, a group of four women from Indonesia. In a high-quality product like a music video, the four translated the lyrics of “Still Life” into English and flexibly performed both vocal and rap parts, creating a beautiful harmony.

The 2nd place was won by ‘Hoonjin PARK’, a Korean. He performed with a variety of instruments, including guitar, keyboard, drum, and percussion, all by himself. The sound of the instruments alone was highly praised as it successfully expressed the beautiful melody, diverse chords, and sentimental emotions of “Still Life”.

American female vocalist Ysabelle Cuevas won 3rd place. She also translated the lyrics into English and showed off her excellent singing skills. While keeping the original atmosphere of the song, she captivated listeners with her catchy tone and powerful voice.

The cover contest was held for 22 days from April 8th to April 29th with the participation of global fans from 44 countries, including Korea, the U.S, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, etc. The wide range of participants regardless of gender and age has proved the power of BIG BANG and their great influence on all generations.

Still Life” is a song that expresses the stages, worries, present and future implications of BIG BANG. Since it is a Korean song that has lots of poetic metaphors, the message delivered through the song must have been felt differently by oversea fans. Nevertheless, it is said that the authenticity of music beyond language has given a great impression that is more than just empathy.

Bigbang-Still Life

In fact, BIG BANG has maintained their popularity in the long run with overwhelming results based on various indicators in Korea and abroad although there were not many promotional activities for the song.

Still Life” achieved “Perfect All Kill” by topping all major music charts in Korea shortly after its release. In particular, it dominated the No.1 spot on Melon for 32 days. The song won 8 music shows only with digital points and voting points from global fans, proving their unwavering influence in the music market.

In addition, “Still Life” was also popular in the mainstream pop music market. It ranked 3rd and 9th on the Billboard Global Excl. U.S Chart and Billboard Global 200, respectively, in the first week of its release. In fact, BIG BANG gained such achievements in only 3 and a half days. 

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