WINNER gets compliments for asking bodyguards to treat their fans gently

WINNER members have long been known for being nice to their fans

In a recently shared video, netizens gave WINNER‘s team 10 points for being subtle. Specifically, when WINNER moved to the car after performing at an event abroad, a female fan rushed to the group in excitement.


To ensure the safety of the group, security staff immediately stopped the girl and accidentally pushed her down. Immediately, a member of WINNER’s crew waved his hand and signaled to ask the security team to act gently so as not to hurt fans. Although it was only a small action, many people were extremely pleased with the kindness of the WINNER team.

WINNER in Hanoi
Fan was pushed down by security staff when she rushed to WINNER
Right after that, a member of WINNER’s staff gave a sign to the security guard

Source: K14

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