Will Smith smacks Chris Rock on the 2022 Oscars stage over a joke about his wife

Will Smith’s punch is currently the most shocking and controversial moment at Oscar 2022.

The viewers had expected the Oscar 2022 to proceed without controversies until violence suddenly happened right on the stage of the world’s most prestigious awards ceremony.

In particular, before announcing the winner of the Documentary category, actor Chris Rock gave some funny talks to raise the mood of the ceremony and even mentioned Will Smith, who was watching from the audience seat. To end his talk, Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife. Chris Rock said he couldn’t wait to see Jada in “G.I Jane 2”. However, this was considered a rude remark since Jada’s character is bald while the actress is actually struggling to fight against hair loss in real life. At this moment, Will Smith, who was smiling, got mad and immediately came on the stage.

Will Smith
Chris Rock mentioned Will Smith’s wife
Will Smith
Will Smith was smiling when he realized his wife was being joked too much. He looked very awkward

However, what surprised Chris Rock and the 2022 Oscars guests and audience was that Will Smith rushed straight to the stage to give Chris Rock a punch in the face. This action made everyone awkward and bewildered. Chris Rock laughed wryly because he did not understand what just happened. At this time, the broadcast was suddenly muted, and it turned out that Will Smith just swore at Chris Rock by screaming, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f**king mouth!”

Will Smith
Will Smith swore at Chris Rock on live TV, causing the telecast to mute what he said 
Will Smith
Will Smith punched Chris Rock in the face
Will Smith
Chris Rock was chill after the unexpected incident, even saying it would be “the greatest moment on television”

Currently, this moment at the 2022 Oscars is taking social media by storm. The videos of Will Smith smacking Chris Rock have reached millions of views in only a short time. Most netizens believe this was Will Smith’s legit reaction to Chris Rock’s insensitive joke about his wife, not something that was staged for attention. Previously, the marriage of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith made headlines after she revealed she was romantically involved with singer and rapper August Alsina, who was 21 years old younger than her, while separated from her husband.

Will Smith
Will Smith and his wife were once involved in an affair
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