Why does HYBE need to focus on Jungkook after BTS starts their military service

As discussions around BTS’s upcoming military enlistment arises, some people believe that it’s about time HYBE started to push the members’ solo careers. 

BTS currently contributes the most to HYBE Labels’ revenue, so their enlistment will cost the company a huge amount of money. To solve this issue, the Korean site Movist believed that the corporation needs to start pushing BTS’s solo careers, especially that of the youngest member Jungkook

BTS Jungkook
Some people believe that it’s about time BTS members focus on their solo activities, and Jungkook is the best candidate. 

As Jungkook is currently 24 years old, he will not be enlisting in another 6 years. As the group’s main vocalist who can also dance and compose, the male idol has proven his popularity and standing both inside the nation and worldwide, earning himself a large following. Jungkook’s accomplishments are also a sight to see, and his prospects for the future are simply enormous. 

In February, Jungkook released the OST “Stay Live” for the animation move “7 Fates: Chakho”, which opened at 95th on Billboard Hot 100, and 8th on the Billboard Global 200 Excl. U.S.  In March 2020, the idol’s solo track “My Time”, from the BTS album “Map of the Soul:7”, also debuted at the 84th position on Billboard Hot 100 USA. 

BTS Jungkook
Jungkook’s “Stay Alive” achieved great accomplishments and ranked high on the charts of many countries. 

Alongside Jungkook, other BTS members are also expected to have more solo activities, especially as their mandatory enlistment approaches. Recently, Jin, V, and Jimin all earned great success with their new OST releases, while Suga received a lot of praise for his participation in PSY’s April 29th title “That That”. All of these have clearly proven the BTS’s capabilities to promote solo, while still remaining as a single group. HYBE needs to reduce their dependence on BTS and set out clear plans for each of the members in the near future, Movist concluded. 

Source: Movist. 


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