Why did Lee Seung Gi personally announce marriage to Lee Da In just 2 months before the wedding? 

Top star Lee Seung Gi made a surprise announcement about his marriage to Lee Da In just two months before their wedding.

On February 7, Lee Seung Gi informed fans of the news of his marriage to Lee Da In through a handwritten letter.  After calling the marriage “the most important decision of his life,” Lee Seung Gi said, “I have decided to spend the rest of my life with Lee Da In, whom I love, as husband and wife.”

Above all, many netizens’ attention is focused on the fact that Lee Seung Gi decided to get married during a difficult time. Lee Seung Gi has been going through the hardest time since his debut due to conflict with Hook Entertainment, his former agency. It was to the point that he had to drop out of SBS’s variety show “Master in the House 2”. 

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On December 22, last year, at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, Lee Seung Gi sued Kwon Jin Young, CEO of Hook Entertainment and finance director of Hook Entertainment, for violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes (Operational Breach) and the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes (fraud). Afterwards, Lee Seung Gi declared that he would donate the entire outstanding balance, and then donated a total of more than 2.85 billion won. This has impressed many people. 

Soon after, Lee Seung Gi surprised the public once again with the surprise marriage announcement with Lee Da In.  Lee Seung Gi had a hard time in the second half of last year due to the problem with the agency he trusted. Lee Seung Gi always had Lee Da In by his side to silently support and comfort him. Because of this, congratulations are pouring in to the couple whose love is bearing fruit in such difficult times.

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It is also noteworthy that Lee Seung Gi directly announced the marriage news himself before it was reported by the media. In fact, before Lee Seung Gi announced the marriage, rumors began to circulate that the two would tie the knot this spring. 

Lee Seung Gi was aware of various rumors surrounding his marriage and decided to make a decision to announce the news of his marriage himself as soon as possible, rather than having his personal matter being reported by someone else. Lee Seung Gi said, “I proposed and she said yes. I wanted to tell you this news directly with a happy heart because I have a person to take responsibility for my whole life.”

Over the past two years, Lee Seung Gi has always been cautious in referring to Lee Da In. Lee Seung Gi has always protected Lee Da In despite the public’s negative gaze regarding Lee Da In’s family.  

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Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi, born in 1987, and Lee Da In, born in 1992, have decided to get married after three years of dating. They acknowledged their relationship in May 2021. The two became close thanks to their passion for acting and their common hobby of golf.  

Lee Seung Gi is currently concentrating on filming the movie “The Great Family”. He is also set to appear in JTBC’s new entertainment program “Peak Time”, which will premiere on February 15th. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Seung Gi will reveal his feelings about becoming a husband at the press conference ahead of the first broadcast of “Peak Time”.

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