Who is the richest member of aespa? Karina’s net worth is surprisingly low 

Kpop girl group aepsa has earned great popularity and wealth after over a year in the industry

Having debuted in November 2020, aespa has established their name in the Kpop world, and garnered huge popularity and wealth throughout their career. Therefore, the net worth of each aespa member also comes up to a surprising number, though Karina’s position may be the most shocking of all. 

While there are not many differences in the individual net worths of aespa, the figures prove to be surprising

In particular, Korean Mag revealed that among aespa, the Chinese member Ningning is actually the richest, with net worth amounting to 1.5 million USD. Alongside being the main vocal of aespa, Ningning has already been a familiar face since her trainee days. 

In particular, Ningning used to do voiceover for Shining Star, a South Korean animated series co-produced by SM Entertainment. She was also a famous trainee after being revealed in the SM Rookies project and appearing in the SM project “Mickey Mouse Club”. Therefore, Ningning already has fans since before aespa, making her the highest earner of the group. 

Second in aespa is Winter, whose net worth falls around 1.2 million USD – an impressive number, considering that Winter is a completely new face. However, this is not much of a surprise, as Winter has always stood out in the 4th generation of Kpop, and easily made headlines in every appearance of her. 

Korean Mag also announced that Karina’s total net worth is at 1 million USD. As the group’s leader, dancer, vocalist, and rapper, Karina is considered an all rounder within aespa, and also an outstanding visual. Therefore, her low position comes as a surprise to many fans and netizens. 

Sharing the same place with Karina is Giselle also with $1 million net worth. The earning of the Japanese female idol mainly comes from promotional activities with aespa.

Not long ago, the revelation of the price to invite aespa to perform of more than $40,000 took SNS by storm. Worth mentioning, the group’s earning is much higher than those of their famous seniors like Red Velvet, AKMU and PSY. The earnings that they received after one year of debut is quite high compared to other rookie groups.

Besides, the group earned about 1.24 million dollars thanks to their YouTube channel. In addition, the girls are also the models and ambassadors of  many famous brands like Eider, Mediheal, CLIO.

The group has many huge advertising contracts with famous brands.

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