Who is American people’s favorite Korean male actor?

Here are the top Korean actors who have been appreciated by the US media in recent years.

Park Seo-joon, who is staying abroad to shoot a Captain Marvel film, was selected as one of the best Korean actors (No.2) by an American ranking site. Amid the recent K-drama craze, the recognition of Korean actors in North America is also on the rise. 

Korean actors most loved
Korean actors most loved

A total of 92 actors are listed in this research. Who will win first place? Let’s take a look at the actors who ranked from 10th to 1st and their upcoming works. 

10. Song Joong-ki

Song Joong-ki still maintains his dazzling beauty many years after his debut. Recently, he has been receiving a lot of love for his role in the tvN drama “Vincenzo”. In 2022, he is scheduled to return as the main character Yoon Hyun-woo in the JTBC drama “Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son”.

Korean actors most loved

9. Lee Jong-suk

Lee Jong-suk, who was discharged from the military earlier this year, will play a naval captain in his comeback project called “Decibel”. Not long ago, he showed off his great fit in uniform. In the drama “Big Mouse”, Lee Jong-suk and Yoona will act as a married couple for the first time since their debut.

Korean actors most loved

8. Park Hyung-sik

Park Hyung-sik is a multi-talented entertainer who debuted as a member of boy group ZE:A. His first drama after being discharged from the military earlier this year is tvN’s “Happiness”. He will transform into detective Jung Yi-hyun and work with Han Hyo-joo as well as Jo Woo-jin. The first episode is expected to air in November.

Korean actors most loved

7. Lee Jun-ki

Lee Jun-ki has been boasting his excellent acting skills regardless of genre. Recently, he appeared on “Baek’s Spirit” and revealed his genuine side while having a drink with Baek Jong-won. He is scheduled to make a comeback with SBS’s drama “Again My Life” in 2022.

6. Lee Dong-wook

Lee Dong-wook, who had his second heyday as the grim reaper in the drama Goblin, is also giving fans healing time with the entertainment show “Sea of Hope” after his drama “Tale of the Nine Tailed.” In December, he will appear on the small screen again as a competent but bad boy “Suyeol” on tvN’s “Bad and Crazy.”

Korean actors most loved

5. Yoo Ah-in

Actor Yoo Ah-in, who becomes a hot topic in all the movies he has been in, including “#Alive.”  In Netflix’s “Hellbound,” which will be unveiled in November, he played the role of head of the New Truth Church, a religious organization and a research group looking for footsteps of God.

Korean actors most loved

4. Hyunbin

There are rumors of the marriage of Hyunbin and his girlfriend Son Ye-jin, both of whom gained great popularity and love for the drama “Crash Landing on You.” The actor is scheduled to appear in Director Lim Soon-rye’s “Negotiation” and “Confidential Assignment 2: International”, which will soon be released.

Korean actors most loved

3. Ji Chang-wook 

Ji Chang-wook, who boasted his villain acting in his latest film, “Hard Hit”, has been active in many musicals, dramas and movies. It has been announced that the actor has been casted on Netflix’s “The Sound of Magic” and “Tell Me Your Wish.”

2. Park Seo-joon 

Park Seo-joon, who was recently casted in the Marvel movie “The Marvels,” is staying in England for filming. Appearing at Son Heung-min’s soccer match, it can be seen that he is enjoying his time in London. His domestic film “Concrete Utopia,” in which he worked with Lee Byung-hun and Park Bo-young last summer, is waiting for its release.

Korean actors most loved

1. Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo, who topped the list, recently surprised fans by making a cameo appearance in the hit series “Squid Game.” The movie “Wonderland,” in which he acted as a couple with Tang Wei, and his Netflix drama “The Silent Sea,” which became a hot topic with Jung Woo-sung’s participation in the production, will soon be released respectively.

Various actors such as Kim Soo-hyun, Park Bo-gum, Jung Hae-in, Jo Jung-suk, Jo In-sung, and Ma Dong-seok were named in other rankings of the list.


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