Joo Won, who played a pure and skinny character in “Good Doctor”, delivers unexpected updates after bulking up

Fans are looking forward to the most intense character transformation in Joo Won’s filmography to be shown through the movie “Carter”.

Netflix’s drama “Carter” has unveiled still cuts of Joo Won’s character, who has no recollections of his past and has to succeed in a mysterious mission without knowing who he is. “Carter” is a real-time action film in which the main character Carte, who is put into a mysterious operation, must regain his identity within a given time and succeed in his mission.

Actor Joo Won, who has proved his solid acting skills and powerful action performances in many dramas, such as “Bridal Mask”, “Good Doctor”, Yong-pal”, “Alice” and the movie “Fatal Intuition”, will present the most intense transformation in his filmography through “Carter”.

The released still cuts stimulate fans’ curiosity as they contain the fatal appearances and expressions of Carter, from the way he points a gun at someone to a fierce and bloody battle. Carter played by Joo Won is a person who has to complete the task of finding a girl, the only cure for the virus that has devastated the world, without knowing his name and age. 

The appearance of Carter, who wakes up with an unidentified device in his head and a deadly bomb in his mouth, moves his body according to the orders given by an unfamiliar voice in his ears is expected to provide a great sense of tension and immersion to the viewers.

Joo Won, who bulked up 7kg to transform into a human weapon named Carter, perfectly performed high-level actions using various devices and methods, from bare body actions to car and motorbike chasings, after 3-4 months of rigorous training. 

Like Joo Won said, “There was not a single that I didn’t practice action scenes. No other work can be comparable to this one”, he will give the viewers a thrilling catharsis through his spectacular and impressive action acting.

Director Jung Byung-gil said, “He understands my action directions really fast. He’s the best actor I’ve ever seen”, praising Joo Won’s performances. He added, “His natural visual and facial lines are amazing”, raising expectations for “Carter”, through which Joo Won will be reborn with his outstanding action acting. 

“Carter” will be released on Netflix on August 5th.

Source: daum

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