While preparing for remarriage and first child’s birth, Song Joong Ki is also working hard on 3 movies

Song Joong Ki, who recently announced his marriage and wife’s pregnancy, will be very busy with various acting projects this year.

The news of Song Joong Ki marrying his British girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders and her premarital pregnancy was reported on January 30th. Is this the reason why he has been so busy with new acting projects? Song Joong Ki, who values family, is working hard to provide a comfortable life for his foreign wife and baby to be born this year.

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Song Joong Ki is working on three movies at the same time. “Bogota” and “Hwaran” have been filmed last year, while “Ro Ki Wan” is scheduled to film early this year.

Receiving huge love for his excellent performance in JTBC’s hit drama “Reborn Rich” last year, Song Joong Ki will meet the audiences through two movies “Hwaran” and “Bogota”  this year.

Starring Song Joong Ki, Hong Sa Bin and Kim Hyung Seo (BIBI), “Hwaran” is a noir movie about two men who desperately struggle to escape reality with no future. Song Joong Ki will play the role of Chi Gun, an organization’s middle boss who trusts and leads Yeon Gyu. He is expected to show a new image and acting transformation with a character that he has never played before. “Hwaran” will also be Song Joong Ki’s first challenge of the noir genre.

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“Bogota: City of the Lost” is a crime film about people who start dangerous deals to survive in Bogota, the last land for hopeless lives. After immigrating to Bogota, Colombia at the age of 19, Song Joong Ki portrays Guk Hee, a character who lives a turbulent life rising from the bottom to the top and dominating Bogota’s commercial district. Telling a dimensional and dynamic story set in Bogota, Colombia, “Bogota” will be the next project of director Kim Sung Je, who won various awards for his debut film “Minority Opinion”. Together with Lee Hee Joon and Kwon Hae Hyo, Song Joong Ki has completed filming all scenes.

Right after announcing his remarriage, Song Joong Ki will immediately leave for Hungary for two months to join the filming of Netflix’s original movie “Ro Ki Wan” in Hungary. “Ro Ki Wan” is an adaptation of Jo Hae Jin’s novel “Meeting Ro Ki Wan”. It depicts the story of Ro Ki Wan, a young man who smuggles into Belgium, and a broadcasting writer who tracks Ro Ki Wan’s whereabouts. Song Joong Ki once again heralds another drastic acting transformation as a North Korean defector.

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Song Joong Ki will leave for Hungary in mid-February to film “Ro Ki Wan” so the rumored March wedding is quite impossible. The actor’s agency is also silent on the rumors of his wife’s childbirth in August. 

As Katy was recently seen visiting a children’s clothing store in Gangnam, and this brand is famous for princess-style clothes for girls, many netizens are guessing that Song Joong Ki’s first child will be a daughter. According to Dispatch, Katy is living a comfortable life in Song Joong Ki’s 20 billion won home in Itaewon with her mother. 

Source: Daum

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