While in self-quarantine, V suddenly revealed his bare face with beards

BTS surprised fans by revealing his handsome face without makeup.

bts v
bts v instagram

On December 15th, V commented under the RM’s Instagram photo of his trip, saying, “My beards grew a lot. You will be surprised if I show it, right?”. In response to V’s comment, J-Hope said, “You have to hold back yourself”, and tried to stop V from revealing his beard face.

bts v

However, V couldn’t stand it and eventually released a video of his face with beards at around 3 A.M on December 16th. In the video, he stared at the camera while using his hand to wipe his hair.

bts v

In particular, V didn’t shave his beard. Even though V’s beards grew a lot, his warm appearance still stood out, drawing admiration.

Earlier, V returned to Korea on December 9th after finishing BTS’s LA concerts and broadcast schedule. He has started enjoying his second official long-term vacation and is currently in self-quarantine after arriving in Korea.

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