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“Where is the fairness in this?” From BoA to Eunhyuk, controversy about the “Street Man Fighter” judges’ abilities is spreading 

Controversy over the “judging process” surrounding “Street Man Fighter” Judges BoA, Eunhyuk and Woo-young continue following the same issue on “Street Woman Fighter.”

On Mnet’s entertainment program “Street Man Fighter,” which aired on Sep 13th, a three-level Global K-dance match was carried out to choose the first crew to be eliminated. Each crew competed using songs from one of the groups BTS, BIGBANG, EXO, and SEVENTEEN.

While 1Million and We Dem Boys were competing using EXO songs, Judge BoA drew attention by saying, “It’s already something I’ve seen a lot in SM.”


In the final result, 1Million won with 1,080 points, but after the broadcast, many complaints from viewers started pouring out toward the Judges.

Viewers criticized, “The public is seeing the 1Million team for the first time, so why are you talking about them like that?” “In addition, I’m uncomfortable seeing her calling the dancers ‘this guy’ and ‘that guy’ rather than their names during her comments,” and “The fact that an idol evaluates a dancer itself is a problem in terms of fairness.”

In particular, in a previous episode of “Street Man Fighter,” which aired on Sep 6th, the Judges were once again criticized as “lacking in prepared knowledge” for selecting YGX Mood Dok, 1Million Yumeki and Nino, and B2B Giseok and Deegan, who made decisive mistakes, as winners, and for saying, “I was wondering would you do well as a choreographer when you were too imprinted as a battler, but I turns out you are more energetic  than I thought.”

In response to the controversy over the Judges at the production presentation of “Street Man Fighter” held last month, Eun-hyuk said, “It is not easy to do everything with favorable reviews only. There are times when I am criticized and sometimes I can be rebuked,” adding, “I wonder who would be deemed fair enough to sit down and judge, and I don’t think it will be easy for anyone to sit here in this position.”

Woo-young also said, “I fully understand the thoughts of those who are doubting us,” adding, “I hope you enjoy the show thinking that it can’t be 100% fair no matter who’s there, rather than looking at this detail too harsh.”

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