“Alchemy of Souls” and K-dramas with sad endings in 2022

These 2022 dramas were regrettably wrapped up with sad endings.

2022 has seen the release of many high-quality K-dramas. However, some of them caused regret to viewers with their sad endings. “Thirty Nine” is an example. The drama ended on a tearful note with the death of one of the three female leads Chan Young (played by Jeon Mi Do). Although her death was already revealed in the beginning of the drama, the finale still broke viewers’ hearts. 

Thirty nine

The popular youth drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One” even caused a controversy over its ending. The breakup of Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri’s characters in the end disappointed many viewers who were rooting for them throughout the drama’s run.

Twenty Five Twenty One

In “Eve”, after plenty of ups and downs, Lee Ra El (Seo Ye Ji) finally succeeded in her revenge. However, she suffered from losing the man whom she loves and who loves her the most. 


The fantasy drama “Alchemy Of Souls” that ended recently also left viewers speechless with its characters being killed off one by one. Although season 2 of “Alchemy Of Souls” is coming soon, the writers still had to deal with the audiences’ anger due to the heartbreaking ending of season 1. 

Alchemy of Souls thumbnail

This year, K-drama writers seem to opt for open and sad endings. Instead of ending the drama on a happy note, realistic endings, though upsetting, are now the trend. This may displease viewers but it also reflects reality that not everything gets a happy ending. 

In addition, sad endings are sometimes the better option. In “Eve”, the male lead’s death is perhaps the best way to put an end to all the vengeance. In “Alchemy Of Souls”, major character’s death is a way to raise interest for season 2.

Sad endings also generate more buzz online that benefit the drama’s social media impact. The above dramas were all discussed a lot by viewers after the last episodes were aired.

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