What many BLACKPINK fans fear has come true: BTS’s remix of ‘Savage Love’ has surpassed ‘Lovesick Girls’ in the international music market!

Many BLINKs have been ‘concerned’ that BLACKPINK would release their new song on the same day as BTS, and it seems that those fears have come true.

Yesterday (October 2) was a very busy day for Kpop fans because the two most popular groups at the moment released their new music products. While BLACKPINK had a comeback with their first full album ‘THE ALBUM’ and the title song ‘Lovesick Girls’, BTS and the male singer Jason Derulo released a remix version for ‘Savage Love’ (Laxed – Siren Beat).

Both songs were released at the same time at 13:00 on October 2 (KST), which is at 0:00 on the same day in the US time zone. This shows that both groups aim to conquer the international market rather than the Korean market, especially the US music industry. Currently, the title song ‘Lovesick Girls’ of BLACKPINK is not having the success as expected in Korea.

However, many fans believe that this is also normal because this time YG’s target is the international market.

But what if even in the international market ‘Lovesick Girls’ is surpassed by BTS’s remix song?

Specifically, the first goal that both fandoms are aiming for is iTunes charts of countries all over the world, especially America’s iTunes.

Not only competing with each other, these two Kpop groups also had to compete with a series of other famous artists releasing new songs at the same time such as Demi Lovato, Shawn Mendes, Megan Thee Stallion, etc. However, considering the achievements after the first 24 hours, perhaps this race is almost over.

Achievements on the US iTunes chart

According to the US iTunes chart, after a few hours, BTS’s remix ‘Savage Love’ was able to rise to No. 2, just behind Demi Lovato’s new song ‘Still Have Me’. Meanwhile, ‘Lovesick Girls’ was at No.21 but had not yet reached the top 10 of US iTunes.

However, on the evening of October 2 (KST), BTS’s ‘Savage Love’ remix version excellently surpassed Demi Lovato on the US iTunes chart.  At the same time, ‘Lovesick Girls’ was able to hit No.9 and then climbed to No.5.

Up to now, ‘Savage Love’ remix is ​​still at No.1 on the US iTunes chart. Also, ‘Instrumental’ versions of ‘Savage Love remix’ as well as ‘Dynamite’ are still in the top 10.

Achievements on other countries’ iTunes charts 

Considering other music markets, it seems that BTS’s ‘Savage Love’ remix is ​​doing well, even much better than BLACKPINK’s title song.

Specifically, BTS’s products have recorded No.1 on the iTunes charts of 80 countries and regions around the world. In addition, in the 10 largest music markets in the world, it has conquered 6 per 10 countries including the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Australia (Korea and China do not have iTunes charts).

Meanwhile, ‘Lovesick Girls’ didn’t do as well as ‘Savage Love’ remix. Up to now, it has only recorded No.1 on iTunes charts of 25 countries. In particular, the group has not yet been able to conquer the iTunes chart of famous music markets such as the US, UK, Canada, Germany, etc.

The achievements on iTunes charts around the world show that what many BLACKPINK fans fear has come true. Previously, the fandom of the two groups had a controversy because many BLINKs thought that Big Hit deliberately obstructed the YG’s girlgroup by letting BTS release new products on the same day and at the same time. However, many BTS fans said that the release date and time were decided by Jason Derulo.

However, from the beginning, many people realized that BLACKPINK would definitely have disadvantage in the international market because they had to compete with the remix of Jason Derulo and BTS.

Moreover, the views of the MV and the digital achievement of ‘Lovesick Girls’ have not been as expected, making many people feel worried about BLACKPINK’s comeback.

Even so, to be fair, their album ‘THE ALBUM’ is still doing very well on iTunes album charts around the world. In addition, all the songs of the album also entered the top 10 of the mainstream charts in Korea. Many people hope that BLACKPINK’s digital achievement internationally and domestically will still increase ‘slowly but surely.’

Meanwhile, BTS fans are also expecting that ‘Savage Love’ remix will do even better onthese charts.

If what the remix does is better than the original, the achievements will still be counted for the Big Hit male group. So, at the moment, ARMY’s aim is to keep ‘Dynamite’ on digital music charts and push ‘Savage Love’ remix ranking as high as possible to increase BTS’s achievements.

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