Wedding of 2NE1’s Dara’s Brother Boasts A-List Star Ensemble with Special Performances

The wedding of 2NE1’s Dara's brother and a singer three years younger has become a hot topic thanks to the attendance of many famous artists.

On the afternoon of May 26, former MBLAQ member Thunder and former gugudan member Mimi held a romantic wedding at a wedding hall in Seoul, South Korea. On their big day, the bride and groom dazzled with their prince-and-princess-like looks, brightening the entire scene. Additionally, the couple shared a sweet kiss at the altar, receiving enthusiastic applause from the guests.

Thunder and Mimi’s wedding created a buzz with the presence of famous stars including Thunder’s sister – 2NE1’s Dara, Se7en, Lee Joon (former MBLAQ), power couple Choi Soo Jong – Ha Hee Ra, Lee Tae-ran, and more. Not only did the guest offer meaningful congratulations, but many also performed at the wedding, turning the joyful event into a concert.

Thunder received a “shower” of compliments for his handsome and attractive appearance. The “double visual” image of the famous Kbiz siblings Thunder and Dara quickly went viral on social media, garnering massive interaction.
Meanwhile, Mimi shone in a pristine white dress. The beauty captivated fans with her sweet appearance and bright smile.
The couple caused a stir with their stunning looks, even in unedited photos, appearing radiant in candid shots.
The bride’s father walked Mimi down the aisle and handed her over to groom Thunder, receiving continuous applause.
Thunder and his father-in-law shared a warm hug during the wedding. This interaction quickly went viral on social media.
The happy couple walked arm-in-arm affectionately to greet both families. The bride and groom’s faces clearly showed their overwhelming happiness.
Thunder and Mi shared a sweet kiss amidst the guests’ congratulations at the recent wedding.

A-list stars showcased their vocals, turning the wedding into a concert.

At his friend’s wedding, actor and singer Lee Joon took on the role of MC, creating a joyful atmosphere for the guests. He also performed a duet with Dara on the song “All For You” as a congratulatory gift to his close friend Thunder.

A-list actor couple Choi Soo-jong and Ha Hee-ra appeared at the wedding, showing a happy relationship after more than 30 years together

Choi Soo-jong served as the wedding officiant and even delivered a special performance with hí wife Ha Hee-ra and actors Lee Tae-ran and Oh Dae-gyu.

The reunion of former YG artists Se7en and Gummy caused a social media explosion. Not only did they come to celebrate with Thunder and Mimi, but the two singers also performed a song for the couple, contributing to the joyous atmosphere of the wedding.
minzy 2ne1
Minzy (2NE1) thrilled netizens by confirming her attendance at the recent wedding. A photo of the singer from behind was rapidly shared across social media.

Singer Lee Chan-woo also contributed a performance at Dara’s brother’s wedding. Before that, he had sent meaningful congratulations to the bride and groom.

Source: K14, X, Naver

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