RM “The weight of being BTS’s leader, I felt like I would want to die”

BTS's RM confided in fellow member Jimin about the pressures he felt as the group’s leader

In a video titled “MMM (Mini & Moni Music) – RM” released on BTS’s official YouTube channel on May 25th, RM confessed, “In our team, I’m the one who says all the right things, the nice things. I step up to represent the team. That’s what I always do. But I’m actually just an unimportant 29-year-old guy living in Korea. I’m just a 29-year-old living a slightly different life from others. But for the past ten years, we felt this burden. We just had to be conscientious and different. If I kept caring about what everyone else thought… If I kept going like this, I just… I felt like I would want to die.”

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The video, filmed about 6 months ago, shows RM and Jimin having an honest conversation while previewing RM’s second solo album “Right Place, Wrong Person”. RM’s second solo album, released on May 24th, topped Japan’s Oricon Daily Album Ranking. The title track “LOST!” also reached No.1 on iTunes’ Top Songs chart in 73 countries worldwide.

Source: daum

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