We won’t be able to watch this actress in season 2 of a hit K-drama from SBS


Joy News 24 reported on March 8th, “Lee Som recently decided not to appear in ‘Taxi Driver 2’, which is scheduled to air in the second half of this year.”

According to reports, Lee Som has been continuously discussing her appearance, but she had decided to leave the show due to difficulty in coordinating her schedule.

Accordingly, the production team is currently revising the script.

When this news was delivered, netizens expressed their regret but also said they understood her decision.


Netizens left comments on the online community theqoo such as “It’s unfortunate, but she made a good decision”, “It’s a pity”, “I was looking forward to seeing her joining at the end”, “Then will the drama be filmed without the female lead?”…

Lee Som played the role of Kang Ha-na in “Taxi Driver” season 1, which ended in May last year.

Taxi Driver

Thanks to her performance, the drama has received great love, recording the highest viewership rating of 16% (based on Nielsen Korea).

Taxi Driver” is a crime thriller drama about a secret taxi company called Rainbow. Regardless of the crime, if the law cannot protect the victims who are wronged, Rainbow Taxi Company will be a place to help the victims get their revenge.

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