Here are Douban’s scores for 7 currently airing Korean dramas

Thirty Nine, Weather People, A Business Proposal, etc. all received quite good scores on Douban.

While many Chinese films often receive bad Douban scores, Korean dramas are favored by Chinese netizens. Recently, Douban has announced the scores of Korean series that are currently airing such as Thirty Nine, Weather People, A Business Proposal, Twenty Five Twenty One, etc. which receive unexpected high points.

Netizens’ comments:

– Semantic Error is very good though, from the actors, the film colors, the shooting feel are all suitable and beautiful, the most important thing is the soft chemistry of the two main roles.

– It’s no surprise that they are so crazy over Semantic Error. The characters are beautiful, the content is not new, but it is still impressive and interesting for viewers. What’s important is that the chemistry is top notch.

– It’s Korean dramas, so it seems that Chinese people give it an easy rating, while domestic ones are all below 5.

– I still prefer the “ancestor bird”.

– Twenty Five, Twenty One has more depth, comedy, tragedy, and meaning. And A Business Proposal is pure comedy, with the emphasis on entertainment.

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